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Item Code: 67320

Model Part # Description
Wolff Classic 24 67320 A5A3-42-100-368/850N
Cabana 16 by Anmar 67321 AVM83-120ME
16L, 20L & 24L 67388 A5A3-40-100-368/490N
20 Lamp (Electric Ballast) 67359 A5A3-40-100-368/260N
Cabana 24 by Anmar 67358 A5A3-40-100-368/600N
FT24MCS 67358 A5A3-40-100-368/600N
FT24TB -60lb 67517 D3D3-40-200-500/270N
FT24TB -90lb 67519 D3D3-40-200-500/400N
FTW24E 67388 A5A3-40-100-368/490N
FTW24M 67388 A5A3-40-100-368/490N
International Wolff 67322 D3D3-52-250-670/570N
Perfect 24L 67358 A5A3-40-100-368/600N
Please note the year and model of your tanning bed. Also, any numbers from the old shock. This will help us identify the correct replacement. We recommend changing both shocks at once. Tanning bed shocks not replaced in pairs will not be warrantied beyond delivery. Price is for 1 gas spring.


FOREVER TAN, Gas Springs

Price: $49.95

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