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Beam-Up 200w

Item Code: Beam Up

The World's First HP Stand-Up with Floor-Mounted Tanner!

Key Features:

  • 200 Watt long lamps for better shoulder and ankle tanning
  • Unique, floor-mounted, focused, 600 Watt quartz lamp beam to tan user's inner leg and thigh area
  • 18-inch downdraft cooling fan
  • Self-cooling ballast tray
  • Self-cooling ballast trays with 50,000-hour ballasts
  • Hygienic, stainless-steel floor
  • Large inner tanning area with 31" diameter space for the user
  • Double doors open to outside for easier entry and exit


Session Time: 10 minute max session time


  • Unit Width: 48”
  • Unit Depth: 48”
  • Unit Height 94”
  • Entrance Width 29”;

Min. Room Size: 6’ x 8’ x 8.5’ ceilings


  • 55 x 200w reflector lamps
  • 650w floor mounted inner thigh tanner

Special Features:

  • Chrome Plated Handles
  • Neon Accent Lighting
  • Double doors swing out
  • Includes Stainless Steel Floor Cover
  • All Metal Construction
  • T-max/FST adaptable

Electrical Specifications:

  • Power Consumption: 12.0 kW @ 220V
  • Power Factor: 90 %
  • Draw: 60 amps @ 220V
  • Breaker: 80 amps @ 220V
  • Power Cord: NONE; Must be hardwired into the unit
  • Voltage: 220-230v, single phase
  • Dedicated A/C: 1.5 ton

The unit above requires a minimum voltage of 220 volts and can run up to 230 volts. Note: ALL calculations (wattage, amps, draw, breaker size) are based on an incoming voltage of 220 volts. Higher voltage may require a bigger breaker size. (These units are inductive loads)

Incoming voltage less than 220v or greater than 240v will require a buck booster (step up transformer), which will increase the amperage and may require a bigger breaker size.

Air-conditioning requirements for the beds are not included in the electrical calculations.

Tanses, Commercial Tanning Beds

Please Note: This item must be shipped via freight. Because freight costs can vary so greatly depending on order and location, at this time freight costs have to be estimated manually and do not show up on your final order. If you have any questions, or would like an estimate ahead of time, please contact us at 1.800.831.7649

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