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How a Free Tan App Helps You Get a Better Tan

Michael Jon Lazar | Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Original Article:

The tanning industry is a burgeoning one. It's estimated as a multibillion dollar per year industry that is continuously growing. In the United States alone there are more than 22,000 tanning salons serving millions of people nationwide. It's estimated that more than one million people tan each day, which is more than a quarter billion people that are tanning each year. There are three popular methods by which you can enhance your skin tone: indoors with a tanning bed, indoors with a spray-on tan or outdoors. But how do you track your tan and find salons, the sunrise and sunset each day? Thanks to new apps for Apple powered devices, a free tan app is the easy answer.

Tracking Your Progress

With a free tan, app you can track your progress. The best apps offer a nifty software feature for iPhones and other Apple powered devices. You set the type of experience you desire (indoor or outdoor), and then you take a picture of your skin before you tan. You also use a shader from the app to set your desired outcome shade. After you finish a session, you take a picture again to track the progress of your skin tone. The application tells you how many shades you gained in tone, and how close you are to reaching your target tone, so you don't over tan.

Finding Salons

With hundreds of salons that are located near you, which one are you going to tan at each day? A great feature of a tanning app is that it helps you instantly find these salons. It does this by using GPS coordinates, which also provide you with directions to the salon you have selected.

Setting Helpful Timers

A key concern about tanning is that you may get burned or sustain injury. A free tan app addresses these concerns with a built in timer. This timer helps you avoid getting burned, and also lets you know when it's time to shift your body for a more even tone.

Daily UV Index Information

There are certain times of the day where it's dangerous to sunbathe outdoors because the sun is too hot. With a daily UV index, you can know when the safest times to tan are. You can also learn about sunrise and sunset to maximize your outdoor tanning experience.

Tanning Tips

One final way that a free tan app helps you is with daily tan tips. These tips can range from information about skin cancer to the best products to use for tanning. With helpful tips, you make the most of your tanning experience.

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