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Tanning Business - How To Avoid Costly Mistakes

Betty P Davis | Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Original Article:

If you want to start a tanning business, plan it carefully and try to cover as much ground as you can. Don't forget to mind the small details, even if they don't seem important. These tiny details can actually make a business successful or cause you to lose money. Here are some guidelines to help you avoid common mistakes in setting up a new business.

1. Design a theme for your business. Not having a theme leaves your business without personality and may become less attractive to your target market. If you plan to cater to the upscale market, then you should have a luxury theme with beautiful furnishings and equipment. If you will offer your services to university students and teens, make your tanning business look cool and hip to attract the younger crowd.

2. Setting your prices should be done scientifically, not by guess-work. It isn't as easy as copying prices of other tanning facilities in your community. Do a market study and find out what kind of people live in your community. Can they afford higher prices or are most of your market going to be teens who cannot afford expensive procedures.

3. Open a tanning spa where there's heavy foot traffic and parking spaces as many of your client will come by car. Another important factor is to consider if all those people in high traffic areas will want to visit your tanning business often. Just because there's a lot of people around it doesn't mean they can all afford to drop by for a tan often enough. Choose a location in an upscale neighborhood or one with lots of university students or teens.

4. Continue marketing your tanning business even if you are already getting a lot of regular customers. It's a common mistake business people do, to slack off ones they are earning comfortably. Continue to advertise and promote your salon so you don't lose your clients to other tanning facilities who aggressively market their business.

5. You have to get tanning equipment that looks decent. You can get affordable second-hand tanning beds but make sure they still look new and works fine. You shouldn't buy the cheapest tanning beds you can find if they look old. This will turn off a lot of clients who will go to your competition instead. Make your tanning equipment and supplies appealing to your customers to gain loyalty.

6. Buy insurance for your business. It is a big mistake not to get liability insured because a tanning business, salons and the like are prone to lawsuits. Aside from getting insurance to cover liabilities and lawsuits, brief your employees on how to provide safety for customers and supply each client with eye protection. Make clients sign a waiver before each procedure to protect your business from lawsuits.

Get advice from the ones who know the tanning industry and ignore those who have never even had any experience running a tanning facility. There are many people who think they know about running a tanning spa but actually know nothing about it. Get advice from people who are or were in the same industry who can give you sensible tips about things to do or not to do in a tanning business.

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