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Velocity Hi-Watt 120W F73 (10 - 34 lamp packages)

Item Code: L00043
The Wolff System Velocity Lamps are professional sun tanning lamps which proportionately increases the amounts of UVA emitted, to help darken the pigment granules more quickly without increasing the risks of erythema (redness/sunburn)in the skin. This increases vitality, pigment formation and oxidation of the melanin. Significantly more UVB without compromising the robust UVA that Velocity® is known for. A powerful lamp with extra power takes you a big step further. Increased compatibility. Allows a salon owner to replace Genesis Lamps with a lamp under the Wolff® Label. 100 watt lamps are rated at 1,000 hours. More profit realized due to less change out and less lamps purchased.

Lamp Length (inches): 73

Watts: 120W

Base: RDC

Lamp Type: Velocity

Wolff Systems Lamps, Tanning Lamps

Price: $173.00

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