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Be Desired™

Item Code: SI1001

Born from Sweden’s most nourishing and darkest tanning botanicals, this intensive serum is suspended within an ultra-rich lotion. This sumptuous formula saturates the skin with long-lasting color and hydration. Create your own must-have dark moments with this profoundly strong intensifier and Be Desired by everyone you meet!

  • MelaDark™ Blend – Natural even tan tones from the melanin boosting properties of Golden Chanterelles and Truffle Tyrosinase
  • Be-Beautiful Blend – Nordic Orange, Milk Thistle and Magnolia Bark restores resilience, firmness and radiance for even, dark color
  • Baltic Hydrogel – Superb moisturizer that nourishes and renews the skin with improved elasticity
  • Romantic fruit and herb Adored-from-Afar fragrance

Size: 8.5 oz

Collection: Prestige Collection

Lotion Type: Accelerator

Swedish Beauty, Clearance

Salon Price: $29.50
Clearance Price: $11.80

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