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Be Envied™ Desirable Bronzing Serum with T2 Skin Awakening™ Tingle Technology Pkt

Item Code: SI5104

Desirable T2 Tingle Serum
Featuring MelaDark™ Blend

Sensual T2 Tingle Serum  The kind of deep, dark tan that could only come from the Land of the Midnight Sun…. Skin Awakening™ Tingle Technology is here to push your color beyond limits. This new tingle technology heats and warms skin while the tingle sensation activates color. When finished, skin will have a rich distinguished color without the painful itch.  Paired with the most wholesome Swedish land ingredients to satisfy skin’s nutritional needs, this concentrated serum nourishes for a visibly healthy glow and unfathomable bronze color.

  • Skin Awakening™ Tingle Technology – A T2 beginning heat tingle that deepens the dark color expected from a tingle without the painful itch.
  • MelaDark™ Blend – Natural even tan tones from the melanin boosting properties of Golden Chanterelles and Truffle Tyrosinase.
  • Be-Beautiful Blend – Nordic Orange, Milk Thistle and Magnolia Bark restores resilience, firmness and radiance for even, dark color.
  • Baltic Hydrogel – Superb moisturizer that nourishes and renews the skin with improved elasticity.
  • Be the envy of others with this Risqué Desires fragrance.

TANNING ADVISORY: Experiencing a warming sensation of the skin is normal and a result of our Skin Awaken™ Warming Tingle Technology formula. Extra care should be taken when handling children as the warming effect could be transferred to skins even hours after use.

Size: .50 oz

Swedish Beauty, Clearance

Salon Price: $3.12
Clearance Price: $1.87

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