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Vector 200W 3F5

Item Code: Vector
  SEVEN MINUTE maximum
exposure time means
more sessions per hour

body breeze via 700 cfm turbofan

GERMAN-MADE reliable
choke ballasts and
electronic starters

FACIAL - 3-650W Facials
the ultimate in glass
reflector technology

complete stainless steel and
aluminum construction

200 watt 9k90 long lamps

simple acrylic removal
reflector technology

digital timer facial control

Canopy Section

 Number of lamps in Canopy


 Lamp power

16 lamps @ 200 watts
18 lamps @ 160 watts

 Lamp type

16 lamps 9K90 F79 by Cosmedico
18 lamps 9K90 F71 by Cosmedico

 Facials cassettes


 Facial lamp power

650 watts each

 Facial lamp style

Heraeus vertical (single ended)

 Facial reflector

Glass & Focused Alloy

 Facial filter

single stage, metallic high efficiency


Bench Section

 Number of lamps in Bench


 Lamp power

200 Watt/each

 Lamp type

79" long 9K90 by Cosmedico


Cosmedico choke

 Ballast tray 

2 trays under the bed section



Electrical & Cooling

 Power input  

15 kW @ 220 volts

 Input voltage

220 volts

 Breaker size  

100 Amp single phase

 Amp. Draw  

76 Amps @ 220 volts

 Cooling bench lamps

1380 cfm mixed air

 Body cooling 

high output blower at the foot


 Canopy Lift 

Gas springs (manual)


12 months on the parts except; lamps, ignitors, filters, lifts


Digital 7 minutes max T-max included

 Recommended room size

8 ft by 9 ft

 Time schedule

7 minutes max. at 220 V input by FDA

 Bed size

Length = 90 inches
Width = 59 inches

Facial filter removal/lamp replacement time

20 seconds per cassette


Blue neon accent light on the front panel

Stainless Steel gas spring mounts.

Kick plate

A 110v outlet will be require to operate the mounted digital timer (T-max 3W). The unit above requires a minimum voltage of 220 volts and can run up to 230 volts.

Note: ALL calculations (wattage, amps, draw, breaker size) are based on an incoming voltage of 220 volts. Higher voltage may require a bigger breaker size. (These units are inductive loads) Incoming voltage less than 220v or greater than 230v will require a buck booster (step up transformer), which will increase the amperage and may require a bigger breaker size. Air-conditioning requirements for the beds are not included in the electrical calculations.


Tanses, Commercial Tanning Beds

Please Note: This item must be shipped via freight. Because freight costs can vary so greatly depending on order and location, at this time freight costs have to be estimated manually and do not show up on your final order. If you have any questions, or would like an estimate ahead of time, please contact us at 1.800.831.7649

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